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Mar. 23rd, 2008


RTOC (D'espairs Ray, Mucc, and The Underneath) - Washington Armory, Albany, NY March 22, 2008

So tonight was pretty amazing. This would be my second experience in seeing jrock live and in person. My first was Dir En Grey at Family Values and I had pretty bad seats, but it was still great~

So anyway.. I had been waiting to see the jrock bands that were performing at RTOC for months, and I finally got to see them today. I wasn’t really excited for RTOC during these past few days, but it was probably because I was too tired to be excited from work. Haha. But yeah, so my friend, Ali, and I arrived at Washington Armory just a little before four and the line was already snaking behind the venue already. Good thing I ordered my tickets during pre-sale and got to enter the venue before the other ticketholders could. And so.. we waited for awhile and we met up with Helena, whom we were originally supposed to meet at her new apartment, but since it was almost 4 already we decided to just meet her in line. So Helena came - thank God because I was starting to think she wouldn’t make it in time before they started to let us in.

So we waited a few more minutes and Helena showed up just in time and I gave her her ticket and wristband. And we were let in and we walk inside and this is Helena’s first time inside the Washington Armory and going to a concert like this, so she was pretty surprised at how big it was. And we waited and listened to sort of crappy music.. Like My Chemical Romance’s crappy song.. The Black Parade or something like that. but anyway.. After standing and waiting and blocking people from trying to get up closer (because I was already second row from the barrier :D) and there was no way in Hell that I was going to lose my spot.

The opening band came on and I was excited, because that meant after them Despa was going to come on! And the first band was alright I guess. I couldn’t really hear anything that the drummer was singing/screaming/growling or saying. They had some mic difficulties in the beginning, and I felt kinda bad for them ’cause they’re the opening band. But they were cool. I forget their name, but their bassist was tiny and he reminded me of someone I knew. I won’t mention any names here though because I don’t really like that person much now. Haha but anyway, after that... I didn’t even noticed that Despa had set up their equipment already but they came on pretty shortly and I was surprised at how many screams they got once they reached the stage. Needless to say, they were amazing and I had a lot of fun during their set. I took some crappy pictures with my cellphone. I couldn’t get any good ones of Zero at first because he kept on moving. And then once when he came like.. far out to the edge of the stage on my side ( I was on the left side so I could see my favorite bassists up close) and it took awhile for the camera setting to load on my phone, because it’s Verizon, but by the time it loaded, he left with a grin on his face! That jerk. :p Of course, my eyes were on Zero for most of the time. >_> But I did sneak some peaks over at Hizumi, Karyu, and Tsukasa. Tsukasa was a little hard to see because he was in the back and Zero was blocking him from time to time. But yeah, their set was amazing and got me headbanging to them like crazy. At the end of the set, Zero threw two picks with his mouth. Like sticking one between his lips to give it a sort of kiss and blew it out toward the crowd, but I guess silly Zero didn't realize that picks don't really go that far when you do that, haha. The first one reached the crowd and he threw it at my direction, but it went toward the wrong direction. Then the second pick didn't even make it to the barrier at all. Tsukasa threw his drum sticks to the middle crowd and to the right side of the crowd (my right). I didn't get catch any of their things, but it was nice ot know that Zero tried to get his pick at me. xD

Next was some other band who made weird faces when he sang. I couldn’t help but laugh a little. I tried not to though. Haha. I didn’t really like them much though. The vocalist was good about being a good sport about it though. But I didn’t pay attention to them much because I was watching Mucc set up for their turn. xD So anyway, after that band’s set, it was Mucc’s turn and everyone practically screamed. It was a-maz-ing! I don’t remember their setlist either, but they played my favorite songs! "Ranchuu" and "Hikanshugisha Ga Warau"?... I think them playing "Hikanshugisha Ga Warau" was just my wishful thinking though... >_>

But anyway... Tatsurou was a big ball of energy, as expected from watching their lives on youtube, and it was really enjoyable. My friend whose not really into jrock as much as I am liked them too. Their stage presence was amazing and Yukke’s little smiles from time to time were just so adorable. At one point when it was quiet during one of Tatsurou’s little MCs, I shouted his name and he turned in my direction, and I think he was all wtf? for a second. xD I rocked out to them and it was pretty amazing - God I can’t stop saying that word. xD Tatsurou came to my side of the stage often and he moved around a lot and pretended to open a door at one point? and pretended to get dragged back to my side of the stage at one point too? Haha, silly guy but cool nonetheless.

So after Mucc came, unexpectadly, The Underneath. I was expecting another local band to play after Mucc’s set, but The Underneath had their stuff set up already and I didn’t even notice. How could I when I was watching Mucc? >_> So anyway, they got a pretty loud roar too. I was really close to them this time and their part of the stage was small, but they still managed to rock out in the little space they had somehow. I think it was Masaki who jumped up onto one of the speakers in front of the stage and rocked out on his guitar. It was pretty amazing. I think Taka did it a few times as well, but I can’t remember. I was having waaay too much fun giving them my best at enjoying their performance and probably annoying the people around me. Oh well! Hahaha~ Their set pretty much blew me away. Taka has this amazingly beautiful and haunting voice that makes you want to lean in closer to listen intently. I forgot what they played too... I’m pretty bad at remembering set lists. There’s just too many songs for me to remember even though they only played like four or five songs? >_>

Mmm... anyway.. we left really early toward the end of Bullet for My Valentine’s set because I was getting pretty thirsty and I didn’t really know any of the other bands playing after the jrock bands finished. I wanted to get over to merch booths after their set, but Bullet for My Valentine came on quick and we were stuck in place. Like literally, but it was fun. I love moshpits but I couldn’t really do it tonight because I brought in my bag with me. *Idiot* But we went to the merch booth after we left the pit and Ali bought me a D’espairsRay shirt. :] and we took a gander around the other things they had going on there and then left.

So yeah, it was an amazing show, for the part that I was there for, and I survived with no scratches or bruises but probably with severe neck and back pain tomorrow morning. Haha. Well, hopefully they’ll play around NY again sometime soon. I’d really love to see them again. .. I should probably get to working on memorizing set lists a lot better, too...